Wilmslow Family Photographer – Amos Easter Egg Hunt

Traditionally Easter Sunday is a movable feast and marks the day Jesus Christ was resurrected and the end of Lent but in modern life Easter is more commonly associated with the Easter Bunny and the delivery of chocolate treats. This year the Amos Family decided to invite Wilmslow Family Photographer Photography By SimonH to capture fun photographs of their son’s search for Easter Chocolate treats in Grandma’s garden.

With their son being just under two the search was constrained to the garden where eggs of all sizes and other chocolate treats such as bunny faces, chocolate footballs and hollow chocolate bunnies were hidden in various places. Wilmslow Family Photographer SimonH then joined Mum & Dad to capture natural photographs of their son George’s reaction to finding the “brown stuff”, so referred to because even though he is still over a month away from his 2nd birthday he already knows the word chocolate.

The chocolate treats were hidden across the garden, in trees, bushes, on benches and in the flower beds; all places where George could easily spot them. Spot them he did, but it took him a few moments to figure out that the brightly coloured foil contained his favourite chocolate but once he realised what was in store he raced Wilmslow Family Photographer, SimonH to find the next hidden treat and store it safely away in his special red watering can (“away from Daddy, because daddy likes chocolate” apparently).  Below are a few selected images from the Outdoor Family Portrait Session showing the fun that was had by George and his family during the hunt.

If you would like Wilmslow Family Photographer, SimonH to capture natural, relaxed and fun photographs of your family over the summer at your own home or in the great outdoors you can Contact Me for more details.

Wilmslow-Family-Photographer- Easter-egg-hunt.jpgWilmslow-Family-Photographer-child-gardening.jpgWilmslow-Family-Photographer-Easter-egg-hunt.jpgWilmslow-Family-Photographer-easter-egg-hunt.jpgWilmslow-Family-Photographer-kid-portrait.jpgWilmslow-Family-Photographer-easter-egg-hunt.jpg

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