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Location, Location, Location

Last weekend I went out location scouting with Andy and Lorna, my lovely Trash the Dress couple. One of the locations we looked at was Abbeywood Estate, a family run Gardens and new Cheshire Wedding Venue on the edge of the Delamere Forest, which is just down the road from them. We were shown round by Lauren who very kindly took time away from getting ready for the reopening of the Gardens and their newly refurbished Cafe and even from my short visit I can say that the venue is stunning and any engaged couple in Cheshire should definitely add it to their list.

We all decided that Abbeywood Estate was ideal for some of the shots we have in mind but was far too clean for the “big one” whose location is currently still eluding us. Does anyone know of an abandoned building with a long corridor or have a large empty cellar or attic that we can take a look at?

2011 – A new year & a new site


Well it’s a new year, 2011 to be exact and it’s time to unveil my new Cheshire Wedding Photographer website; I hope you like it. If you are reading this you will also notice my new site has a Blog!! Something I’ve been meaning to incorporate in to my site for a long time but never actually managed to… until now.

What’s in the future?

I’ve a very exciting year ahead and along with numerous weddings and portraits across Cheshire I have my first “Trash The Dress” shoot lined up. This is where you’ll first read about how Lorna, Andy (the adventurous couple) and I go about this fabulous little project as wells as seeing the results.  Some of you may not know what a “trash the dress” shoot is; well, let me explain… it’s where a recently (or not so recently) married woman (or couple) takes the opportunity to dress up in their wedding outfit and have the sort of photos taken that they wouldn’t have dreamed about attempting on their wedding day such as rolling in the grass or splashing in the sea. Now in the majority of cases the dress is safe and may just need a good clean but people have even been known to go swimming in their dress! Will Lorna? Well you’ll have to wait and see.